RushStar R.S.Proteks Technology Bank can turn your property/Farm/Private Forest/Land

into Wild Ginseng Conservation, multiplying both the value and investment

RushStar Discovered what turns Ginseng wild and started collecting and preserving critical elements that other Ginseng do not

Real Wild Ginseng is not that remote poorly grown batch and never available commercially raw

Real Wild Ginseng is what is in it through the years!


RushStar Wild Ginseng Seeds are Bigger and taller

RushStar R.S.Proteks Wild Ginseng Treatment

 Wild Seeds Sprouts Like Magic

Wild Sprout get soaked in nutrition coating

RushStar Succeeded in growing Wild Ginseng in different soil types

 Pure Wild Forest Soil

Sandy Loam

Black Forest Soil

RushStar Return Re-implants wild ginseng into wild in group with other plants

RushStar Wild Ginseng Works in group with other antibiotic Plants

Success in Middle Eastern Soil

Back in Natural Forest Soil

Successful Patch in carefully Selected Wild Spot

Successful return to the prairie

This Patch Survived -50 Celsius

Again, Successful new Wild Home

Wild Ginseng is Always Concentrated and both Sweet &Bitter at the ends

Your area climate must meet the following, any where in the world

Around freezing in the winter for at least few weeks and around the 30 degrees Celsius in the summer or less.

Shady trees, Water supply, and the rest is our job.

Based on the information you will provide us about your property, Landscape map, location, water condition, trees or forest to land ratio, soil PH, and housing-workshop configurations, Also we’ll send you our offer to turn your property into Wild ginseng project, we  carry Wild Ginseng re-implanting into wild cost against 51% of the Ginseng Harvest after 7 years, You carry the construction/modification cost which will stay for you against 49% of the Harvest, after that you can choose either to contract us for another 7 yeas or taking over the conservation, you will have a private Wild Ginseng forest that lives for generations with growing respected income every year.


 in less than 7 Years

Differences between RushStar Wild Ginseng and Common Market Cultivated Ginseng

1. Wild ginseng grows naturally within its natural habitat conditions.

2. Cultivated ginseng is grown as a crop by sowing seeds and consists of
three types: woods-grown, wild-simulated, and field-cultivated.

3. Woodsgrown ginseng is sown under natural shade in prepared beds and may
require the use of fertilizers and pesticides.

4. Wild-simulated ginseng is sown under natural shade and natural habitat
conditions but scattered and not in beds. This category is not recognized by
government and is treated as wild ginseng.

 5. Field-cultivated ginseng is sown under artificial shade in prepared beds
and often requires the use of fertilizers and pesticides.

Wild ginseng roots are about the size of an adult's thumb and are
lightweight, wrinkled, ringed, often branched, and dark tan in color . In
comparison, cultivated ginseng roots are larger than an adult's thumb and
are heavy, smoother, few ringed, less branched, and light straw colored. The
growth of cultivated ginseng is much faster than wild ginseng under normal

The prices received by growers of field cultivated ginseng have been
declining in recent years due to oversupply and are now in the range of
approximately $9 to $20 per pound for dried root. Properly dried ginseng
roots weigh about one third of their original fresh weight. The prices
received by wild ginseng harvesters or growers of woodland ginseng have
always been significantly higher and in some situations may approach $350
per pound or more. In general, the age and appearance of the root when
harvested and the system of cultivation determine the price received by the
grower, ginseng is sorted into at least 50 different grades, based on root
shape, color, taste, and age. Most growers know very little about the
various grades of ginseng and simply sell all of their roots in bulk.

RushStar will not only turn your forest wild but also will grade and put the WG in the best market possible.


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